We are a digital media group, working in all areas of event production, commercial photography and digital media, providing, planning, design all kinds of products for a large group of clients. We are specialized in conventions, photo essays, editorials, product launches, meetings, shows, etc. Our digital video division is also specialized in the live webcast, providing live feed trough internet for different kinds of events (parties, shows, musicals, convention, among many others). Applying computer and photography skills to the business/entertainment industry in order to bring the best look to your needs. We are fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, shooting worldwide.

Alex Rodrigues

Alex Rodrigues

Alex is Multi-talented professional with large experience on the field of photography (digital and film) and video. He directed several productions across different media platforms, and is a skilled computer guru, fully experienced on the art of digital medias. His lifelong passions include among others, being an avid musician and a black belt martial artist.

Kelly Castagna

Kelly Castagna

Born and raised in the district of Copacabana, Kelly was brought up in the cultural vibrancy of Rio. She is a very talented photographer, who was one of the first professionals to portrait the beauty of the life being made on her mom’s-to-be series of photos. A very sensitive artist capable to, not only portray the magic of life, with elegance and creativity, also a skilled wedding and life style photographer.

Jane Murphy

/ Energy Insurance Mutual (EIM)

We have Alex come to our February meeting, every year, and he takes pictures for us, all of our photos for dinners, receptions and events. He does an excellent job, and the people and the attendees just love him, his very personable and very businesslike. We enjoy him and look forward to have him back every year.

Fred Rodrigues

Senior Director / Bauducco Foods

Alex Rodrigues is probably the most workaholic/gifted photographer and producer I have ever worked with. He is my first choice when I need a project done well, on time, on budget and with a soul. His attention to details made a successful convention despite some difficult conditions and last minute surprises that come in an event like this. You know a good professional during adversities, Alex always kept his cool, solved all problems with a smile in his face.

Jon P. Shirley

Owner / JPS Productions

Not only does Alex do great work, his personality and professionalism is always right on. Clients love him and they will love you for hiring him.